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sir_doctor's Journal

The Doctor
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This is an RPG Journal for paixaorpg and dystopian_flux

For Paixao:

Character: The Doctor
Series: Doctor Who
Version: The Tenth Doctor (After the special Runaway Bride)
Age: He looks around his mid 30's but is at least 900 years old, possibly
older (as he has been known to lie about his age)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual (He DID/Does have a granddaughter .. so .. at SOMEpoint there must have been someone. No one's really sure.)


He may be an alien, but to anyone he seems to be simply a human, of British decent. He's a thin man, with messy short brown hair with fairly deep side burns and a fair complexion. He has a pair of dark framed glasses he wears for reading. He wears pinstriped suits usually of brown or blue, that apparently have pockets that are larger than they seem. Beneath it he wears a white shirt, with a tie and on his feet he oddly wears a pair of white sneakers. Over top he usually dons a long brown coat.


Each regeneration causes the Doctor to not just change appearance, but personality as well, although there is generally at least one quirk that always seems to apply: he's very eccentric. His 10th regeneration has proven to be a little more light-hearted than some of his previous versions. He can have almost boundless enthusiasm, sometimes at, what can
seem, the worst possible times. He's witty, easy going and even a little bit cheeky, yet can be quick to anger. His moods can seem to change at the drop of a hat, to the point that he uses it to his advantage. One minute he can be very quirky and cheerful, and shift to the very serious and ruthless Time Lord the next.

The Doctor has a strong sense of personal justice, and has admitted to not being as forgiving as he once was. He strongly believes in preserving life, yet he no longer hesitates to destroy anything that might threaten peace. He doesn't believe in second chances. He is also extremely intelligent and wise, he's lived a long time and seen a lot of things, but he can easily leave others behind as he can jabber on in technobabble
(half he likely makes up). Babbling is something he does a lot of in general, mixing something vital in between utter nonsense.

Sometimes, however, his cheerfulness is just a facade he puts on to cover his real emotions. The Doctor is lonely. He is described by the Madame Pompadore as a "Lonely Angel" and it's fitting. He's lived so many life times and has lost so many friends and companions, not to mention the destruction of his entire race. He is the last Time Lord in existence (or so we are currently led to believe) and it's starting to weigh heavily on him. Also losing his latest companion, Rose, to a parallel universe has left him heavy hearted.

All in all, the Doctor really is a kind man with a great fascination and appreciation for humanity, and is very protective of it, but is also a man who is greatly feared by his enemies.


Knowledge, intelligence and quick thinking.. The Doctor has seen a lot of things over his time, and thus has almost an endless stream of information that can pop out at any time. His vast knowledge (and a dose of luck) is often what gets him through the crazy adventures he goes through. Though he has always had an interest in humans, and human pop culture seems to be something his latest regeneration has an interest in. He also speaks in technobabble which can confuse just about anyone.

The Doctor also has a form of telepathy. He is able to look into peoples minds with a touch to their head (ala Vulcan style), however, reading other peoples minds isn't something he makes a habit of. He also has a telepathic link to the TARDIS.

He also has two hearts, a "respiratory bypass system" that allows him to go without air for some while, a resistance to temporal effects and sometimes a very inhuman amount of stamina.

He has some fighting abilities, he's fairly strong and can handle a sword if the need comes, but the Doctor generally prefers brains (or his sonic screwdriver) over brawn, but if he has to fight, he will as a last means.

Sonic Screwdriver - The Doctor's favorite all-around tool. Don't leave home without it! It does more than simply take objects apart. It has a large amount of uses, but mainly he uses it to open locks and deal with mechanical objects. (To get an idea of what else it does if you wish (it's a long list) see new series info under this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_screwdriver)

Telepathic Paper - A small black notebook with a sheet of paper that can be used to show, for example, a fake police identification or to receive messages from those who are looking for him specifically.

The TARDIS - Standing for "Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space" the TARDIS is an obsolete Type 40, that generally is unreliable. Its main ability is to move through space and time. It also can actually fly, but for being a ship it does remarkably little flying and when it does it causes considerable strain on it now. It had the ability to blend into its surroundings, but the "chameleon circuit" has been broken since not long
after he acquired it. He has pretty well given up fixing the circuit, leaving it in its British police box form.

TARDISes are dimensionally transcendental, meaning the interior and exterior exist in different dimensions, thus the interior is far larger (which is never said exactly how large, but is certainly contains numerous rooms and passages) than the exterior. The exterior, despite looking like just a wooden box, in fact is very strong, and impossible to breach.

A TARDIS also has a biological imprint of it's Time Lord, creating symbiotic link, and unless he allows otherwise, only he is able to send it through time. The TARDIS also has a telepathic circut, allowing a Time Lord to steer it by thought (although the Doctor prefers to use the console) and it also has a link to those it carries (and through this is does language translating). The center console also is a computer and has some scanning capabilities etc. Upon arriving in Paixao its ability to move through time isn't working (as to materialize and dematerialize it accesses the time-vortex), also it will be running on low power so can't scan very much etc.

(... there's more here if that's not enough technobabble for you XD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tardis )


He has no amazing magical powers and therefore would be able to do little to nothing in any of the superpowered fights that could happen in Paixao. Such a battle he would be completely in over his head.

While he is no human, he is just as prone to being hurt and knocked out as one.

He has a LOT of curiousity, in fact all too much, and that often lands him and his companions into danger from which they only ever escape from narrowly if at all. He's lost many companions this way, getting too distracted and realizing all too late he's lost track of his charge.

Because he is very protective of all life and will put his life on the line time and time again. His last regeneration happened because as he was going to destroy a space station with him still on it (sending Rose away in the TARDIS) to destroy the last remaining Daleks, Rose managed to find a way back by taking the time vortex of the TARDIS in her (and then destroyed the Daleks) and he removed it from her taking it into him. You're not meant to do that. It forced him to regenerate. Or such as in the episode with Madame de Pompadore, where he goes to save her, despite believing he won't be able to return.

Despite being willing to put his life in the line, he's not in a hurry to die. If he has to surrender to avoid someone getting hurt, for he will. He also IS on his 10th regeneration. A Time Lord only has 13 regenerations. He's running out, and only recently regenerated so would not be in a hurry to risk regenerating again so soon.

He has a strong aversion to killing. He won't kill if he can help it, preferring to give people a first chance, which tends to come back to cause him problems later on, which is why his latest regeneration has decided he doesn't believe in second chances.


His beginnings are unknown. It is assumable he was born on Gallifrey, the planet of the Time Lords. Gallifreyans live incredibly long lives. Not only do they have very long life spans (the first Doctor claimed they lived forever, baring accidents), but if something should happen to them they have the ability to regenerate 12 times for a total of 13 lives. The Doctor has lived a dangerous life, and has found himself on his 10th life.

He hasn't always seen eye-to-eye with his home planet. A bit of a rogue, he stole his TARDIS and left for adventure, ignoring the laws of his people. Time Lords are not meant to become involved with the universe by policy, which he has an extreme habit of doing, labeled him a renegade. His standing with his fellow Time Lords went in ups and downs, but generally he was tolerated due to the fact he saved, not just Gallifrey, but the entire universe numerous times.

Some of his greatest enemies were the Cybermen, The Daleks and his arch- nemesis, The Master (who was another Time Lord, but was bent on controlling universe-domination and destroying the Doctor). The Doctor has traveled for nearly nine hundred years, and has regenerated nine times through them. He's had numerous companions, his most notable being his Granddaughter - Susan, Romana (another fellow Time Lord), Sarah Jane Smith, K-9, and his most recent one, Rose.

Before he met Rose, he had been involved in a war. Known as "The Great and Last Time War", the Time Lords battled against the Dalek. The Doctor was on the front lines fighting, and had some role in the final destruction of the Dalek (but found a way to survive), which also destroyed Gallifrey and all the other Time Lords too.